Affirmation Monday #1

I am a firm believer in the power of mindset. if you think you can do something, and you put the work in to do it, you will.

Same goes for not believing in yourself. Dwelling on negative thoughts will get you nowhere.

So many women go into labour with a mindset full of fear and anxiety. And all of those thoughts floating around in your head will do no good in helping you bring your baby into the world.

"It's gonna hurt" "I'm not strong enough" "I can't do this"

It is valid and normal to have these thoughts; we are only human. But if this is your constant state of mind, it will only affirm your belief that you can't do it, as you're not giving yourself another choice! 

And that's silly, because of course you can do it! Your body was made for this! This isn't to say that sometimes problems don't arise, but it's about knowing that even if they do, you can conquer them. 

So I'm coming to you now with weekly affirmations (or mantras if you will) for the pregnant and labouring woman (though some may even apply to every day life for non-mums-to-be as well). 


To kick it off, I'm starting with a favourite.

This was told to me by my wonderful doula trainer. I've used it with clients before and it has always been met with a brilliant look on their face that suggests a lightbulb is going off in their brain.

"The power and intensity of your contractions cannot be stronger than you, because they ARE you"

It's so normal to be scared of the pain of contractions. But when you realize that they are coming from inside of your own body, and they are a part of you, you realize you can cope with them so much better than if it was a terrible thing that's happening to you from an outside source. 
Your body gives you only what you can handle.

Keep this is mind, and keep that mind strong!