The Beginning or (When I Finally Decided To Start A Blog)

My whole 'Journey to Doula' commenced in May of 2014, perhaps this is when I should have started a blog, but I like to think that everything happens exactly when it's supposed to happen.
I found myself at a crossroads, the first big one of my life (and most definitely will not be the last).

My father had passed away the previous autumn after a two year battle with cancer. I was at a loss for knowing the direction my life/career would take when I realized that I was not meant to be a pastry chef (after graduating from my two year college program with no desire to bake cakes for a living). I felt alone and unsure, and prayed that I would figure it all the hell out. 

Then one day while looking around online at birth blogs (as any 21 year old girl does, right?) I came upon the word 'doula'. I had never heard this term before, so I googled:

This piqued my interest. I've always been fascinated with childbirth, since I WAS a child, but I didn't want to be an OBGYN or even a midwife, those jobs were too medical. I wanted to be the support, the one who holds your hand and calms you, lets you know everything will be okay. Plus I love babies, I mean, come on.  
So I started googling some more. I learned that doulas provide mamas with physical, emotional, and informational support throughout the entire labour and birth process. Something inside of me clicked. This was it, this was my calling! How had I not seen it before?! 

I quickly enrolled with the organization CAPPA and started down the path to become a doula. A path that's taken a little while, but here I am, in the home stretch, nearly able to call myself a proud Certified Labour Doula. I began actually attending births as doula-in-training in July of 2015, which would've been a great time to start this blog. Though I feel now, with 5 births and counting under my belt (as well as piles of knowledge from my studies), I am able to put out interesting, real content all from my own experiences on my 'Journey to Doula'. Thanks for coming along for the ride!