A Thought on Birth Philosophies

I can tell you that I believe birth is a normal, natural part of life. I can tell you that I believe childbirth is something our bodies are built to accomplish. I can tell you that I believe we as women are capable of birthing our babies however we see fit. I can tell you that I believe a woman in labour is the strongest force on the planet. 

I can also tell you that it doesn't matter what I believe.

It doesn't matter what anyone believes...except you.

Philosophers philosophizing. Anyone else thinking about the Monty Python song?

Philosophers philosophizing. Anyone else thinking about the Monty Python song?

Every doula has a 'birth philosophy'. A system of thought about the entire subject of labour and birth. I do think it's important to have one; we need to know where we stand on certain issues, and be able to examine our biases. If we choose to take on a client, we need to support her decisions entirely. 

The way you choose to have your baby is the right way, because you chose it. All I am doing is acting as a catalyst to help you achieve your ideal birth. It's not my birth, it doesn't matter to me how you want to go about doing it. If you and your doula happen to have the same ideas about birth, that's awesome! Just as long as you are supported. 

But if a doula is coming to you saying 'oh I don't think you should have an epidural, it's not natural', then you 100% should not hire that woman. She's making this birth about her, which it certainly isn't. Is she giving you facts or opinions? 

Never let anyone impose their own beliefs onto you, because this birth is about no one else but you! Of course we as good doulas will point you to resources, and get you as much information as you need to make an informed decision. But we in no way can force your hand. 

If you want an epidural, fantastic! Let's make sure you have all the knowledge about it so you get it done right, and at the best time. If you want a natural water birth, great! Let's look at all the research and guarantee a safe delivery. 

I will support your decisions no matter what. And I will never judge you. If I strongly disagree with something (the only thing that comes to mind is a completely unassisted home birth [no trained medical professionals]), then I simply won't be your doula, and I hope you find someone who will support your every choice.
Because that is what you deserve.

In this entire journey you're going on, for each and every step of the way, you deserve to be supported. Your philosophy is what matters. And I am here to help you, in any way I can, to achieve that.