2017 Goals, Intention Setting, & Improving Your Planning Skills

I procrastinate, a lot. Even things I enjoy doing, and things I care about. I've been this way as long as I can remember. It's not a quality that I would say I'm proud of, but it's just me.

What's pretty cool though (and something that I often forget) is that we are able to change. Why would we resign ourselves to being anything less than what we ideally want? There's no point in saying 'I always have been lazy and so I always will be lazy'. That's not giving myself any room to grow!

And so I decided to change. To take whatever little steps in the right direction that I could take. The best tool I have discovered so far is: the to-do list!

One of my to-do lists from a couple weeks ago

One of my to-do lists from a couple weeks ago

I can be forgetful. Not about important things, I wouldn't miss a clients birth or anything, but rather the little things that I keep putting off and then before I know it I have talons growing from the tips of my fingers (hence the 'clip nails' part). 

To-do lists are great because each time I remember that I need to accomplish a task, I just write it down; that way I can't forget. Since starting my to-do lists I've created this whole website & blog, and I actually put the effort in almost every day to turn it into something. I've kicked my butt into gear for finishing up the last bits of my certification. I'm taking better care of my body too, because when I write 'work out' on my list, I gotta do it! It's on the list! You can learn more about to-do lists here.

I've also decided to put my new found planning skills to use in long-term planning as well, not just as a day to day thing. 


Pictured above are my Doula Goals for 2017, that I wrote back in November.

I've chosen to put in the work to accomplish my goals, and I know that they will get done and this will all pay off. 


-Complete certification by February 2017 (very doable as I only have a few multiple choice questions left before I send in my package to CAPPA HQ)

-Attend 5 births minimum (very doable as I have one client already due in a couple weeks, and two meetings with potential clients next week. Just need to get my name out there more and find some more clients!)

-After certification charge $700 (this one is more of a play it by ear thing. Doulas in Toronto charge any number of prices. Generally student doulas charge around $500, so once I am certified I can charge more for my expertise and actually turn this into my full time career eventually)

-Start website and blog (oh look! I've already accomplished one of my goals for next year!)


Planning ahead pays off big time, I can't believe it's taken me so long to realize it, but I'm glad I finally did. 

It's so important, and feels so good, to visualize how you want your life to look. Just a rough outline is fine. If the image is too perfect and you have your heart completely set on something, you may get disappointed if it doesn't happen. But if we tell the universe what we would like from it, and allow room for things to change and grow, there's no stopping us. Set your intentions, your wishes, and watch yourself create something beautiful!

I hope everyone has a terrific new year, here's to a wonderful 2017!