One Step Closer!

Today I am proud of myself. 

It was almost two years ago that I attempted the multiple choice exam for my doula certification. I did not pass that first time and it resulted in me feeling very stupid and bad about myself. That's why it's taken me oh so long to attempt it again. It was foolish of me to even think I could pass then, as I had just started the journey. I hadn't even attended any births yet! I guess I was just excited and in a rush to get certified. These things take time though. 

But a month or so ago when I started making to-do lists to help accomplish my goals I decided I was going to go for it; there's no time like the present. 

A few times a week I would write on my list "10 CAPPA questions". The exam is 110 questions so this seemed like a doable task.

Today though, I powered through the last 30 because enough is enough already. After double and triple checking my answers, riddled with anxiety I hit the "Grade Test" button. And I was met with this:

Though I do wonder which 9 I got wrong...

Though I do wonder which 9 I got wrong...

I can't even explain to you how happy this made me. You can just ask my boyfriend how nervous and then excited my texts to him read. 

I have completed the CAPPA Labor Doula Program. However I am not certified yet. Quite annoyingly so. All that's left is submitting all of my forms and everything to CAPPA HQ. Only after they review it will I be deemed a Certified Labor Doula.

I can be patient though.