Getting Back Your 'Pre-Baby Body' (and why it's not a big deal!)

If you follow a lot of birth and pregnancy accounts like I do, then I know I'm not the only one who sees Instagram after Instagram of women struggling to get their 'pre-baby body' back (an incredible achievement when you do feel good about yourself!)


Now, I don't have kids, but I don't see how someone who just gave birth is able to be so adamant about going to the gym rather than, you know, spending time with their infant. I'm not judging those who do, I admire your stamina! But the first few months after birth are still so crucial for being with baby (that's a blog post for another day though). 

What I AM saying is that women get so hung up about the fact that their bodies look different after they give birth and they think they need to immediately fix this 'problem'. I am here to gently tell you that that is the wrong mindset

It took your incredible body nine whole months to look the way it does. It looks that way because you grew an entire person. That is pretty damn magical! And it only makes sense that if it took nine months to grow and change, that it'll take at least that long to look like how it did before you created something from it. 

Stressing about it will do no good. As long as you're eating healthy and being as active as feels good; you're on the right track. Breastfeeding also greatly helps lose weight after baby. 

This is the time to be enjoying your little one and cherishing these moments that won't last forever. Not for obsessing about some extra flab here and a bit of chunk there. It will leave, all in good time. Your post-baby body IS different from your pre-baby body though. It won't ever be exactly as it was. Because this one now, is a mother.

What matters is that your baby does not care what your body looks like, they probably love the extra cushion! More fun to snuggle. And your partner shouldn't care either, they should love you for you, and you just birthed their spawn. You deserve a break. Sometimes, just talking through these feelings help, and it's great to do that with your partner or a mother's support group. 

So please mamas, don't be too hard on yourselves. Your body did an amazing thing and it needs you to love it, not squeeze it and poke it and wish it were different. Your feelings are valid, of course, of course! But please just be kind to yourself.