Baby Visits!

A big part of why I love my job is the postnatal visits! In my (and most doulas) package, I include a postnatal visit or two. After the months of working with my clients, attending their births and doing all that work, I get to go admire the finished product once or twice. 

When my clients are pregnant, and especially nearing full term, there are so many questions and ponderings they have. Not just about the labour and delivery, but about the baby himself. We can never know what he will look like, or how he'll act until he's arrived! It's all a giant mystery. It's quite surreal in the moments after birth to look at this little baby and think "hey, a second ago you were in that belly and now you're here!".

When I visit a few days to a week later, the baby usually starts looking more like a person (and less like a squished up alien). They start looking like how they're going to look, and you see resemblances of mum or dad.

It's at this time when my clients have a chance to talk over and process their births with me. I give them details of the birth that they may have missed while in labour-land. They talk to me about how they're adjusting to life with baby, and how their breastfeeding journey is going (if they choose that route). This is where I offer more information for post-natal resources such as lactation consultants, breast-pump rentals, mothers support groups, etc. 

The post-natal visits are just as important as the pre-natals. And at these ones there's a baby to hold! My chosen career path is amazing and I'm so glad I get to do it.

A couple days ago I visited Nimira and Rumi and got to have some snuggles! Rumi was my 6th birth attended as a labour doula, and each time I learn more and more. 


Hello Roo!

Hello Roo!