A Watched Woman Never Births (sort of)

So I maybe took a little creative liberty with the title, but we all know the old adage "a watched pot never boils". 


When a woman is pregnant and very near her due date there's always a lot of excitement in the air. Everyone is anxious for when the big day will come. She'll be bombarded with people asking if she's had the baby yet, or if she's felt any contractions, or if she thinks it'll happen any time soon.

Not only can this get incredibly annoying for the mother (who is probably the most anxious for the baby to come), but it can impede the labour process too. 

With all of these questions, nosy people end up (even unintentionally) putting a lot of pressure on mom. She is already going through a super emotional, life-changing, possibly stressful time, and any added pressure is not necessary or welcome. It releases those blasted stress hormones in the mother which we know are no good for labour.

Ways she can deal with this is by posting on social media for people not to ask and that she'll tell when she's ready, changing her voicemail to say the same, and politely telling well-meaning loved ones to ease up. 

The whole thing can feel like an invasion of privacy. After all, this is a super personal experience and it just isn't everyone's business (unless of course mom is okay with making it everyone's business). But still, it's important to respect the pregnant woman, always. 

Right now there's a live cam set up watching a giraffe named April in a Florida zoo. She is pregnant and apparently in labour. This cam has been up for 5 days, running 24/7 with thousands of people anxiously awaiting her birth. Thank God they don't do this for humans...