Affirmation Monday #9

"Your pelvis is opening & releasing, as have those of countless women before you"



Never underestimate the power of imagery! Studies show that visualization and imagery do play a part in achieving goals. Picturing something perfectly in your head, such as swinging a golf club, can actually improve your physical game. It's been proven that the real physical practice AND visualization is more effective than just one on it's own. 

Now to apply this information to birth purposes. 
You obviously can't physically practice having your cervix dilate and your baby come out... but you can visualize it. 

Sitting down, closing your eyes and picturing what it would look like, and how it would feel, will train your body to prepare for the big day. So when it's finally time to dilate, your brain will remember "Oh! This is what we're supposed to do now!".

This method has a much better shot at helping you dilate quicker than if you were thinking "This is so hard, it's going to take so long!".
Even those words are best left unsaid!
Your cervix needs to be soft and short. Your body needs to be relaxed. So keep those lovely words in mind!

To help you visualize it may be a good idea to place imagery around your home to keep you in that mindset. Things like yoni/birth art, Sheela-na-Gigs, and photos of blossoming flowers can be very powerful tools to use. 

The second part of this affirmation just brings us back to that lovely little idea that you are not alone. Women have literally been birthing babies since the beginning of people.
If their pelvises can open, yours can too.