Affirmation Monday #10

"I believe in me."


Todays affirmation may seem somewhat sappy, but sometimes sappy is necessary.

A lot of these affirmations are to just drill into your head many, many positive thoughts.

A negative mindset does no good. Especially when you are carrying a baby that you are super interconnected with.
We don't want our babies to be negative so why should we, eh?
We must teach by example, mamas!

This affirmation is also a reminder to myself.

Today I mailed in, to CAPPA headquarters, my application for certification.
That's right.

After almost 3 years, 3 extensions, multiple births, a lot of anxiety, and a whole lot of drive to complete it, I finally submitted the package.

Only now we have to wait the 4-6 weeks to see the results...

BUT I choose to be confident in myself and believe in myself. I trust that I did everything properly, they'll say "hell yes!", and that in a few short weeks I will be a CAPPA certified Labour Doula. 

It is now out of my hands & control, and I am okay with whatever the result may be.
(Buuuut I think I'll try to keep positive about it)