Do-It-Yourself Birth

Some people might view doulas as somewhat of a take charge birth coach who dominates the labour room. They couldn't be more wrong! 

As a doula, I am there to support you in all of your choices without passing judgement, provide you with every resource you could need to help you make informed decisions, and assist you in having the best birth experience you want. 

Your birth, obviously, is not about me. It's about YOU. I try to be as behind-the-scenes as possible (unless of course you want me to play a bigger role, in which case let's go!).

I know that a big fear regarding doulas that many partners have, is that the doula will replace them. That can't be farther from the truth because I'm also there for the partner!

I show them techniques (like the fabulous double-hip squeeze) that they can try for themselves on their labouring partner. I make sure that everyone has everything they need & do my best to minimize any distractions so that the two of you can enjoy this experience together.

I'm there to provide you with every tool you need to do it yourself.
Sort of like a Pinterest board, or an Ikea box.  

I'm not there to step on any toes.
I believe my job is done when you step away from the experience and marvel at what an incredible job you did! And you might not even remember anything I did!