Health Benefits of Collagen!

So, until recently when I heard the word collagen all I knew was collagen injections. Something that Hollywood people do so they look younger and less wrinkly, like Botox.

Little did I know that you can actually ingest it! You can get it either in pill form or as powder.

My partner wrote this article about collagen, and it intrigued me. A few days later I read this article. Two collagen articles in one week?! I knew I had to get my hands on some and try it out.

Why Ingest Collagen?

Collagen is supposed to: 

1. be amazing for your hair, skin, and nails

2. prevent and even reverse the onset of aging by giving the skin more elasticity and reducing wrinkles

3. improve digestion by repairing the sensitive lining in the stomach

4. aid in maintaining bones & cartilage, and support connective tissues

5. make your joints hurt less while you work out

These are benefits I think all women (and men too) can get on board with! 

I've been working out a lot more lately and I've noticed that my knees hurt sometimes.
I wonder what can help...

So I bought a big container of the powder rather than the pills (more bang for my buck).
You just mix 10g (they provide you with a scoop) of the collagen powder into a big glass of water.
Stir and drink up. 

Bottoms up!

Bottoms up!

I opted for the 'Tropical Breeze' flavoured one, to make it more palatable. The taste is actually reminiscent of Kool-aid, but way less sugary! Ingredients are still all-natural and super good for you. 

I have not noticed any changes as of yet, though I have only been taking it for two days. I will be sure to write an update if I notice anything substantial!

Even if no differences are noticed, it at least forces be to drink an extra big glass of water a day which is oh so good for you.

Fun fact: Collagen is derived from the Greek word 'kolla' meaning glue. It's the glue that holds us together! I love language origins.

Let me know if you take collagen and what you've noticed!