Affirmation Monday #14

"The same body that knows how to grow her baby, knows how to birth her baby."


I've touched on this idea before, but it bears repeating as it is so important to remember.

Your body, is incredible. It knows exactly what to do.

Of course educating yourself on the process helps a lot (it's best to get any advantage you can), but even if you did nothing, your body would still give birth. 

We all have an inner wild woman that will roar and growl and breathe her baby out. But so often nowadays we let our minds get in the way of that. We start thinking of fears and doubts, we don't trust our bodies to do what we are made to do.

And that needs to stop if we want to reclaim our birth experiences! It's time to push our fears aside and trust our amazing bodies. 

Your body knows what to do, now let it.