How I Stay Productive

It can be hard for all of us to get motivated sometimes. I know I'm not alone in this. There are some days that you just do not want to do the work.

Thing is, if you don't do the work, it won't get done. Plain and simple. 

The thing with working for yourself is that you have to really rely on yourself. You need to keep yourself productive and find ways to get motivated. 

We all have those days though. Where you would rather watch Netflix, or just dilly-dally the day away, not accomplishing anything. I know the feeling well!

But like I said, nothing gets done that way.

I've got big dreams, and goals, and important things to do. I can't waste my time lolly-gagging!

I've written previously about one way to stick to goals, and now I'm going to share another goodie!

What Method Works For Me?

I like things to be visually appealing. Including myself! When I have a hard time pushing myself to do work (like writing a blog post for example), I make myself look nice.
That means putting on some makeup, even just lipstick, and putting a bra and some real clothes on. Something about looking like a functioning member of society puts me in the right mind set. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with comfy clothes and a fresh face. Because trust me, that rocks too.
But for me, I need those things to get work done. 

A second part to that tip is having a clean, pretty work space & tools. 

Clutter is distracting. It inhibits creativity and great ideas. Having things look lovely just makes me feel so much better. The better I feel about myself and my work space, the better I feel about my work. 

Cute tools help my creativity flow!

Cute tools help my creativity flow!

I feel like getting outside for a little bit, and breathing in fresh air clears the mind and motivates me more too!

If you find yourself having trouble getting your work done, and have to kick yourself to start on a project, why not try this out?

Look around you, is your area messy? Does it give you a headache to look at? Tidy it up!
Do you feel good about yourself? Do whatever you need to do because how you feel about yourself translates into the work you put out. This can even be as simple as putting on your favourite music, drinking your favourite drink, or putting on your favourite lipstick :)

How do you all motivate yourselves to get work done?






There's a cute little tray/dish version of my notebook from Indigo!









My favourite lipstick!