Live Life For You (& Don't Give Up On Your Goals)

How often do you try to please other people? Probably a lot right? And that's great! I do it too! But how often does it happen that pleasing someone else means that you end up not being true to yourself? Depending on what kind of person you are, probably at least some of the time. 

This is something I am working on. 

Others won't always be happy with my decisions that I make for me. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't do it any way.

I can try to make other people happy by doing what they think I should do; doing what's "right", but then I wouldn't be true to myself. And what's the point in that?

I recently got a new job (that I am VERY happy with!).
I was hired as a front desk advisor at a Barre studio and it feels SO much better & more rewarding than foaming milk and making lattes for 8 hours.
(I'm doing this in addition to the doula work; gotta pay the bills!)

I knew I was done with barista-ing. I knew it a while ago. So I've been looking around, seeing where was hiring, even just asking places out of the blue. Barreworks was a place that I just sent an email to asking if they were possibly hiring for front desk. It's more related to the field that I'm passionate about. Helping people, especially women, on their wellness journeys. 

Then I forgot about it. And I kept looking. For weeks. It actually started to feel a bit hopeless that I would find a job that wasn't at a coffee shop.
But then, so unexpectedly, one day I got an email from Barreworks that YES, they WERE hiring! A glimmer of hope!

I went to the interview which turned out to be a group interview. The timid voice in my head that lacks confidence told me "they're not gonna pick you, these other girls have better answers to their questions, they're more fun/outgoing/smart/pretty, etc.".
I promptly told that voice to please shut up, and I tried my best because that's all anyone can do.

The next day they emailed me that they would love to have me join their team. 

I'm now working in a place where I feel comfortable, and look forward to going into work each day! I'm being true to who I am. I'm doing what feels right, regardless of other people's opinions
I'm still figuring this whole life thing out. Aren't we all?
Like I said, I'm trying my best.

I believe that it took bravery to go from a job in a company where I had benefits and could possibly move up the ladder, to one that just makes me happy.
Some people may say I'm stupid for that.

To be honest, I don't really care.