2 Years Doula-ing & Counting!

Today, July 3rd 2017, is a very special day as it marks 2 years since the very first birth I attended; the real start of my doula journey! 

So, I believe it's only appropriate to honour the incredible mother & baby (now toddler!) who are responsible for making today special. 

I took this photo of Sarah, and her newborn baby girl Sage, after she rocked her labour, which was not a quick one. 

Sarah is a friend of a friend of mine, who so graciously allowed me to attend her birth. Though I had never met her, nor witnessed a birth before, she was totally cool with the idea. Lucky me!

I remember arriving at the hospital around midnight to meet Sarah in triage with her awesome birth team of three of her closest friends (with another one, plus her parents, showing up later). Quite the party, and amazing support!

Because this was my first birth, it was totally new to me. There's only so much you can learn from books and classes. The real thing was foreign territory! Yes I knew about labour, I knew about birth, but to actually be there in the moment is an EXPERIENCE. 

I did not feel confident at all. I tried whatever techniques I remembered. Counter pressure, hydro therapy, pressure points, position changes...everything! I tried to be the best doula (in training) that I could be, but I felt unsure of myself. I had to keep my cool though, and be there for Sarah.

When all was said and done, Sarah birthed Sage all on her own that afternoon. She was a true warrior mama, and has been raising her own strong little daredevil these last two years. 

Sage is now a super smart, very adventurous & stubborn two year old. Not to mention beautiful!

Sarah and Sage, thank you so much for letting me be there that day. It means the world. Your allowing me to support your birth has paved the way so that I can support even more women in their journeys to mama-hood. I am so grateful that you took a chance on me.

Happy Birthday Sage!

Sarah and Sage

Sarah and Sage


*photos shared with permission*