Crochet Octopus for Preemies

I. Love. This. Idea.

And I need someone to teach me how to crochet!!

Adorable pink octopus from  My Nomad Home

Adorable pink octopus from My Nomad Home

Doctors in Denmark have discovered that giving crochet octopus toys to premature babies have a significant impact on their health. Crazy right?!

"The babies that cradled their octopus had overall health improvements with their breathing, regular heartbeat, strong oxygen blood levels, and were less bothered by the various monitors and IVs." 

It makes perfect sense when you think about, even just from a comfort standpoint. Babies in the womb are used to playing with their umbilical cord. It's a part of them and their mother, and it makes them feel safe & comfortable. 

Being Earthside is a big transition for all babies, but especially preemies who aren't quite ready for the real world yet. These sweet little toys help babies by making them feel grounded and safe again. They find comfort in the tentacles, reminding them of their own cords. They also help prevent premature babies from pulling on any tubes they might have. 

Here is a website that shows a list of all participating countries websites/Facebook groups. 

Apparently (if you know how to crochet), making an octopus is an easy, fun, one day project! How incredible would it be to then donate it to a baby in need. 

You can find a pattern for the lovable toy here.

And this is the charity's website that you can donate to! They are such a wonderful organization.

Now someone get me a crochet hook, I have an octopus to learn how to make!