Crystals for Fertility, Pregnancy, and Childbirth

One of the loveliest, most thoughtful gifts I received for my birthday a couple weeks ago was from my mum. In addition to a few other magical things, she gave me crystals. But not just any crystals. She specifically asked for feminine energy type crystals, ones to help with birth. 


I'm sure there are many different crystals that can work for this, but the 5 types I received are so lovely. So let's talk about them!

Agate - Moss:



Base Chakra. Refreshed soul, new beginnings, release from blockages. Attracts abundance. Inspires new ideas. Promotes self expression, balances emotions, encourages trust & hope. Opens intuition & channels. Physical healing - speeds recovery, anti-inflammatory, cleanses circulatory system, eliminates depression, helps prevents hypoglycaemia & dehydration, treats infections, colds & flus, lowers fevers.



Heart Chakra. Symbol of purity & serenity. Signifies wisdom in tranquility, increasing love & nurturing. Protective stone, keeps you from harm & brings harmony. Attracts good luck & friendship. Promotes self sufficiency. Releases negative thoughts, stimulates ideas. Brings insightful dreams, aids emotional release. Encourages you to become who you really are. Physical healing - treats kidneys, removes toxins and rebinds cellular & skeletal system. Balances fluids in body.



Heart Chakra. Very powerful stone! Soaks up & clears negative/pollution/electromagnetic energies. Stone of transformation, encourages risk taking & change. Draws out deep feelings, breaking ties & outworn patterns. Teaches responsibility to express oneself. Healing deep into experiences, old traumas, restoring ability to breathe & heal. Physical healing - extremely versatile. Asthma, diabetes, arthritis, epilepsy, joints, growths, vertigo, tumours, spleen, liver, aligns DNA & cell structure. Useful for women.



Third Eye Chakra & Sacral Chakra. Stone of new beginnings. Strong connection to moon & intuition. Promotes intuition & empathy. Helps to develop clairvoyance. Good for wisdom, passion, change, insight, creativity. Brings good luck. Physical healing - good for circulation, skin, hair, releases energy blocks, balance, confidence, helps pituitary glands, feminine qualities, childbirth.

Moonstone - Rainbow:


Sacral Chakra. Connects to divine inspiration & channels our own intuition. Brings vision to creative abilities & freedom of expression. Encourages introspection & judgement, yielding easier decision making. Open vision to increased synchronicity. Can raise vibrational frequencies, aids in meditation & allows us to "be", with no distractions. Opens the Crown Chakra to bring in loving white light healing energies flowing to out core, allowing us to remember our true nature. Physical healing - aids all areas of reproductive system, helps with digestion & liver function. Aids in absorption of vitamins & minerals. 

More about Crystals & Chakras

Crystals are said to promote healing & ward off negative energies. This theory goes back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians who would use and wear crystals for these purposes. Modern crystal healing is also derived from Hindu & Buddhist cultures, through the concept of chakras. 

We have seven charkas in our bodies:

1. Root - base of spine, our foundation & groundedness

2. Sacral - two inches below naval, connection/ability to accept new ideas

3. Solar Plexus - upper abdomen/stomach, be confident & in control of our lives

4. Heart - center of chest, ability to love

5. Throat - throat, ability to communicate

6. Third Eye - forehead in between eyes, ability to focus & see big picture

7.  Crown - very top of head, ability to be connected spiritually


Different crystals are used for different chakras. 

Scientifically speaking, studies have shown that they aren't actually a real medical tool. (Please don't use only them if you need medical help!) 
However, people do feel better when using them. Whether it's a placebo affect, or if there is some truth to the magic of crystals, it's each individuals choice if they want to use them. 

Personally, I believe that when you hold them & think about their power when meditating, it's your own power that is making you feel the positive effects happen. I think people should do whatever feels best for them & makes them happiest. If you like crystals, who cares what anyone thinks, go do you!

Tip: You can charge you crystals in the light of the full moon

Do any of you use crystals? Let me know in the comments!


Dandy boo checking out my crystals

Dandy boo checking out my crystals