Make Lemonade co.= Brilliant Idea

So yesterday while aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, an image caught my eye. 

This image:

So gorgeous.

So gorgeous.

Wow! So clean, so simple yet elegant, & I'm getting some millennial vibes as well. Then I read the headline of the blogTO article: "Toronto's newest coworking space is for women only". 

Okay I'm intrigued. I click over, read the article, fall in love with the idea, find the website, find the Instagram, "like" every post, and decide to write about it. 

Make Lemonade describes itself as "a design-forward coworking environment, where the coffee is strong, the lighting is bright, and phone calls can be made without worrying who might be making a racket beside you."

I love.

It's basically a place for all women-identifying folks to get all of their important shit together. Because we are busy and we work hard!

You know the kick-ass phrase "empowered women empower women"? This is the embodiment of that!

If you're asking yourself, "okay, but why aren't men allowed? that's sexist".
Just hold your horses for a sec please!

Men are totally allowed to come for meetings and events. But as an every day working environment, it's okay for women to have some place that's just for us without having to worry about getting hit on/talked down to by a man/made to feel uncomfortable/distracted by good looking guys, etc.
Just as there are gentlemen's clubs (the non-stripper type), and other spaces of the sort for men only, this space is for women only. And that's totally cool.

"Membership rates run from $25 for a "just a squeeze" drop-in pass to $500 per month for "a whole lemon," which includes a dedicated desk and 24/7 entry."

Check out the website for yourself and you too will fall in love.

I didn't even know that a coworking space was a thing. Now that I'm aware of this amazing concept I will definitely be dropping by Make Lemonade.

Will you?


When life gives you lemons...

When life gives you lemons...