Affirmation Monday #16

"Breathe Baby Down"


Okay, so today we have more of a labour mantra than an affirmation.

(But go with it...This one is powerful.)

Remember how effective using imagery & visualization is? That is where we're going to apply this mantra.

Imagine what happens to the inside of your body with each contraction. The muscles in your uterus contract, they push your baby further and further down through the cervix and even lower through the birth canal. 

Now, imagine that with every contraction your breath helps your muscles out, and nudges baby even further along. This happens in your body as well, but it can be harder to visualize because you can't really see breath.

Try to think about what 'breath' would look like. Imagine however you would like your inner breathing to appear, and visualize each breath helping your baby come earth-side. 

Practice it at home, get good at it. Know how to do it so well that by the time labor rolls around it'll be second nature to you!

I believe this would also be a sort of meditation. And a great way to connect with your baby!

Every part of your body kicks in when labour begins, and that includes your lungs.

Breathing is so important regardless of the situation. It's the only thing every single person does every single second. Mindful breathing calms you down, gets you prepared, soothes you, helps you focus, and can help you birth your baby!

Now go take some deep breaths :)


Powerful labour  photo from Lacey Barratt

Powerful labour photo from Lacey Barratt