Affirmation Monday #18

"My body opens, my mind quiets, my baby descends."


Repeat, repeat, repeat. Leading up to labour, during labour, while you're pushing.
This is so important. 

The main thing that needs to happen in order for your baby to come Earth-side, is that your cervix needs to open up to allow him to pass into the birth canal. 

While your cervix opening is something that your body knows how to do, there are ways you can help it out .

This mantra is one of those ways. 

Say it, believe it, live it.

Your body is opening, blossoming like a flower, allowing your baby safe passage into the world.

Your mind is quiet, allowing nature to do it's thing, not fretting about worries. 

Your baby is on his way. You will meet him soon. Stay positive, mama.

my body opens (1).png