The Beauty of Kindness

It's nice to be nice. That's my motto.

I want this post to be short & sweet, and to serve as a PSA, because I feel like it is so needed these days. 
Please everyone, whenever you can, choose kindness.

It can go such a long way. It's so easy to do, and it can make someone's day. (I didn't mean the rhyme right there. I promise I'm not trying to make a sappy poem about being nice.)

I know, I know, sometimes the state of the world sucks, and people suck (especially if you work retail), and you're just not really feeling it. But I think that's when it is needed the most. Even if it's just for your own soul. To be the bigger person, to kill them with kindness. 

I love being reminded of the beauty of generosity when I see it happening around me. Strangers helping mamas maneuver strollers off of buses, people giving up seats for the elderly, holding doors open and the like. It gives me hope for mankind. 

The New Year's full moon

The New Year's full moon

We all have had those moments where we're feeling maybe a bit down, or having just a mundane day, and then someone does or says something lovely and BAM, day made.
The other day while I was at work, feeling no way in particular, one of the instructors told me that whenever she sees a full moon it makes her think of me. 
You guys. That was one of the sweetest things I've had said to me. It meant so much. She didn't need to say it, she probably didn't even think much about how happy it would make me, but said it, she did. And that kindness stuck with me. 

Try adding some of this to your life. Just see all of the happiness you can create! Throw a compliment at someone you love, or even a stranger (if the situation calls for it).
Even so much as an "I love your nail polish!".
I say this to customers a lot (how does everyone have such awesome nails??), and they usually light up with a huge smile and thank you! Being nice rocks. It's a win-win. 

It's such a simple way to add some much needed positivity to your day. How do you all like to spread the positivity around? Let me know!

Like Ellen DeGeneres says, "be kind to one another, bye bye!"

Lila :)