Best Birth Videos!

Like many people, if you’ve ever seen a birth video, it’s probably the one they show you in high school health class. You know, the traumatizing one (probably to scare young girls from getting pregnant is my guess). Woman lying on her back, surrounded by medical staff, bright room, that dreaded episiotomy
Now, I’m about 12 years removed from that grade 9 health class, but as far as I know they haven’t changed it too much.

Imagine if instead, they showed us a beautiful, peaceful, even pleasurable birth?
Are you saying, “I’m sorry, what, can you repeat that?!”?
Because yes, for some, birth can be pleasurable and lovely! Not all of the time of course, as every birth is different. But I believe that if we’re exposed to birth (normal, physiological birth) from a young age, our fears surrounding birth won’t be so vast.

I decided to make this post a round-up of some of the loveliest birth videos that are on Youtube to show you a different side of birth that you may not have seen before! To show you that there are many different ways to give birth, and that it doesn’t always have to be scary.

I realize a lot of these videos are of water births, and they may not be for everyone, however water births have so many benefits including decreased pain, decreased anesthesia use, less risk of tearing, less stress hormones, etc. that it makes sense that a lot of unmedicated birth videos you see, are water births.
I’m super drawn to them and hope to have one myself some day!


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