Goddess Provisions Box!

"I am aligned with my highest truth"

You guys!

I'm a goddess! And you're a goddess! We're all goddesses!!

(I kinda feel like Oprah now)

Today, after two long months I finally received my Goddess Provisions package! 
I had placed an order back in February for their Mystery Box. Because who doesn't love being surprised by whimsical, magical little tools for your spiritual, beautiful life? 

The box got lost in the mail.

But Goddess Provisions was awesome, and though they couldn't replace that Mystery Box (as they had ran out of stock), they sent me the April subscription box & refunded the difference.

I was super stoked to open the box today and see what treasures awaited me. You can check out the unboxing video I filmed right over here---->




My lovely box contained the following:


KAILO Crown Essence

So this stuff is chakra therapy essential oils. You're supposed to use it to tap into divine guidance through your crown chakra. It smells like fennel seeds and lavender!


Thistle Dry Shampoo

So excited to finally try a dry shampoo! Dry shampoo is a mineral cleansing powder that's supposed to reduce excess oil and maintain my hair's natural luster! 



Little Moon Essentials Mist

This aromatherapy spray is so delicious smelling! It's lavender and some other essential oils. Super great for relaxing & relieving stress for improved intuitive vision.



White Sage Bundle

Burn sage for clearing out unwanted negative energy to make room for pure, healing vibes. Also use it to get rid of ghosts!



Spirit Whisperings Crystal Grid

Apparently this spiritual tool is to be placed on an alter, and you set intentions to connect with Divine Light. 



Bixby & Co Blueberry Whippersnapper

Oh my God you guys. I ate this right after opening the box. It was seriously one of the best chocolate bars I've ever had. And it's good for you (as good as a chocolate bar can be...) so no guilt!



Rainbow Symphony Sun Catchers

This looks like a really fun little art project to do. My understanding is that you somehow colour them and use water and put them on windows to let the sun shine all the colours into your home! 



Desert Rose

This little third eye stone is to be carried with you when you want clarity of mind & to strengthen your intuition. Makes me think about that Sting song...


I love love LOVED opening up this box. So fun, so magical.


Though the Mystery Box will always remain a mystery to me, I'm pretty happy with the April box. Who knows, perhaps I'll be ordering from them again in the future ;)