Uncensored Birth Images Petition Victory!


My nerdy, birth junkie self is showing through right now, but I am SO thrilled that Katie Vigos' petition to allow uncensored birth images on Instagram & Facebook has worked!!

It was almost a year ago exactly that I had a photo removed from my Instagram because it was "against community guidelines". How nice it is that things are different now!

Katie, of Empowered Birth Project, started the petition back in December in hopes of normalizing childbirth by allowing the real, raw images of birth to reach people. By showing what normal birth looks like, it makes it less scary, and more standard.
If you've never given birth before, and have only seen what the media portrays, how are you supposed to feel comfortable? It's new territory for sure; fear is normal when faced with the unknown. 

But then if you stumble upon a few Instagrams of birth workers, then you see just how normal birth can actually look!
If you see what it looks like when a baby's head emerges from a vagina, and then you see it again, and again, it won't be scary anymore.
It'll just be, "oh yeah, that's normal, cool" rather than "OH MY GOD WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE THAT, THAT'S SO GROSS, HOW IS THAT HAPPENING". 

We have all looked like that before. Literally every single one of us came out of a female body (how incredible is that?!), whether through a vagina, or straight from the uterus via C-section. We do not need to be afraid of it, or be grossed out by it. 

Allowing birth images is one more way in which we empower women!

Here's what Katie says on the matter:

"In recent years, the birth community has created a presence on Instagram, celebrating the wonder of pregnancy and birth, connecting with other birth professionals, and sharing inspiring stories and educational resources. It is clear there is a huge audience who appreciates this content and wants to see these images. The birth community has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers and continues to grow each day. We contribute to the power and popularity of Instagram's platform, and now we ask for change and support for our cause. 

Instagram's censorship policies continue to inhibit and discourage our work by allowing photos to be removed and entire accounts to be shut down. Instagram continues to categorize physiological birth with pornography, graphic violence, profanity, and other subject matter it deems too offensive for the public eye. Birth does not belong in the same category as any of these things. 

This pervasive attitude toward birth is counterproductive to our mission of normalizing birth and releasing it from shame, stigma, and social taboo. The only way we can begin to change the way society views and appreciates birth, is to stop categorizing it as offensive material and start allowing our community the freedom to share uncensored images and information.


You don't even know how happy I am that the petition was successful. I am SO proud to be a part of this wonderful birth community. 

My aim is always to support & empower women in all things, especially through the childbirth process. And it is so wonderful that we have one more way in which to do so!