Summer in Toronto, Baby Sunscreen & A Great Mommy Blog Resource

Happy July, friends!

We are currently experiencing a major heat wave in Ontario.
I'm talking 43˚C temperatures after the humidity is accounted for, (for all of you Americans that's 109˚F). It's intense. 
The last couple days Mike and I were at my mum's place in Goderich to beat the heat in their pool, and celebrate Canada day!

In this weather though, a couple things are super important. Hydration of course (post coming on this later), and sunscreen!
Being outside for even a few minutes can damage your skin. And when you have a precious little baby with brand new skin, you gotta protect that!

As I do not yet have any babies to speak of, I don't know a lot about baby sunscreen.
But wow! I just learned all about sunscreen for babies. 

There's a super helpful resource for mommies that I was recently introduced to.
It's a website called ThinkBaby , and this group of mums has tested out just about every baby product you can think of.
If you want to learn about which cribs are the best, what baby products are not necessary, and of course which baby sunscreens to use, this site has it, and so much more. 

I did not previously know that you can't put normal, adult sunscreen on a baby, until they're at least 6 months old. It makes sense though! Babies are fragile and have super delicate skin. 

via  ThinkBaby

We should all be more careful with the sunscreen we put on our skin as it absorbs, right?
Our skin is the biggest organ we have, and what we put on it matters.
Always choose the most chemical-free sunblock, and read labels super carefully when you're choosing one for your babe. 

Keep cool, and protect yourselves in the sun!