Special Announcement Sneak Preview

Hello friends!

It's been a little while, hasn't it? The summer so far has been pretty hectic between work and life, and planning out an idea I've had for some time.

An idea that I'm ready to start sharing with all of you! 

Work is still being put into this project (and as soon as it's ready to go, you best believe I'll be sharing updates!) but without further ado, it's time to present....

(drumroll please)

brrrrrrruuuuummmmm (how the heck do you type a drumroll?)







*The Silver Birth Pregnancy Care Package!*


I am SO excited to bring this idea to life! 

What the Care Package is, is a box for mamas-to-be that's full of fun things to celebrate her and help prepare her for labour.
It makes for a great baby shower gift, or just a general "here's something special for you because you deserve it" type present.
Mamas can even treat themselves to the care package because over here at Silver Birth we are ALL about treating yourself after doing some hard work!

I'm just going to share a feeeew aspects of the box with you now (you'll have to keep an eye on our instagram in the coming weeks to see what else is going to pop up in the box!)

In the Care Package expect to find:



Your very own Moonstone crystal!
The Moonstone is the crystal for childbirth and other feminine qualities. It's a stone of intuition and new beginnings. Carry it with you to bring good luck!


Bathorium's 600g Sea Kelp Serenity Bath Soak!
Luxuriate in a lovely, relaxing bath to ease your tired pregnant body, and let your worries melt away. 


The Silver Birth Info Card!
A beautiful little card you can keep on your fridge or displayed in your room to ease your mind about birth. We have some affirmations which you can repeat every day, the BRAIN acronym (handy decision making tool for labour), and some tips for getting labour started & ways to help your cervix open.


MadeGood Granola Bars!
Yum! In the care package you'll receive any TWO of these delicious flavours of MadeGood's granola bars (that also happen to be nut-free!).


A huge thank you to everyone who's been supporting this idea. I can't wait until the care packages are ready to be shared with the world!
They should be available to purchase in the next couple months. Again, I'll be sharing updates as we move forward so keep your eyes & ears peeled!

Yay! :D


Pregnancy Care Packages now available! Click here!