January 2019's Super Blood Full Wolf Moon: Moon Gathering

Last night/early this morning was the first big celestial event of 2019. It was the super blood full wolf moon (now say that 5 times fast)!

First let’s just break down what it was.

Supermoon : happens when the full moon coincides with the moon's closest approach to Earth in its orbit. Supermoons make the moon appear a little brighter and closer than normal.

Blood moon : phenomenon whereby the moon in total eclipse appears reddish in colour as it is illuminated by sunlight filtered and refracted by the earth's atmosphere.

Wolf moon : the Native Americans gave a name to each month’s full moon. January’s full moon is called the wolf moon because this was the time they could best hear wolves outside of villages.

Look at it! This was last night’s moon! Incredible photo via  @jaxsonpohlmanphotography

Look at it! This was last night’s moon! Incredible photo via @jaxsonpohlmanphotography

I love the moon. I’ve always felt a connection to her (like most women do). So I decided, with my friend Corinna, that we were going to have our own special full moon ritual.

I researched online a bunch to find out what we needed to do.

The purpose of a full moon gathering/circle is to harness the potent energy of the moon when manifestation powers are at their highest. The full moon is about drawing attention to your hard work, harvesting, and reaping the rewards whereas a new moon is about planting seeds and starting new beginnings and habits.
(Something I learned online, and through intuition, is that there is no wrong way to have a moon circle, make an altar, etc. As long as your intentions are good, you’re doing great. Have fun with it!)

I started off making a playlist (because of course I did), which can be found here!

We created our altar, using elements from the four cardinal directions:


North = Earth

Earth totems to place here include plants (we put aloe and a dried sage bundle), crystals, herbs, bones or anything in nature. We created this mini crystal grid too for some extra magic!


East = Air/wind

Air elements to go here are things such as glass, feathers, essential oils, pens or anything symbolizing news beginnings.

South = Fire

Fire elements are fire/flames/candles/matches, anything red, orange, and yellow, and things that evoke passion or spark curiosity.


West = Water

Water totems include anything oceanic, reminding you of the sea, and any types of cups or chalices.

And in the centre we placed an offering tray (which should be either clear, green or gold). This is where we each placed two items personal to ourselves, and where we would put our manifestation papers.

Our magic moon altar

Our magic moon altar

First, we lit the sage bundle and smudged the whole apartment, clearing away any negative energy, purifying the space, the altar and ourselves. We spritzed our faces with the Clear Skies Ahead aromatherapy mist from my Goddess Provisions box for improved intuitive vision.
We lit the candles & stood at the altar then each dinged our Tingsha (tiny ritual hand cymbals) 3 times to activate the altar.

We silently said a prayer thanking the Universe for all the abundance we’ve already been blessed with and asking to manifest what we wished for. We then each wrote on our little slips of paper 3 things we want to manifest this full moon, and placed them in the offering tray. We dinged the Tingsha 3 more times to close the ceremony.

Corinna and I felt such an intense energy after this! It felt like we were filled with all the love of the Universe, and like we were able to achieve anything. After a beautiful heart hug we decided it was time to do our Tarot readings.

I’m just a novice when it come to Tarot. Other than my Tarot experiment I documented last year, I don’t know much more. There’s an amazing resource called Biddy Tarot which I used for that experiment and have been using it since. It’s where I discovered there’s a full moon tarot spread which is what we used!

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 3.56.51 PM.png

Right as we were getting started with the shuffling, we got a jumper card.
Jumpers cards are cards that fall from the deck seemingly by accident, though intuitives believe they are not accidents at all and instead are messages.
Our jumper card, I’m not joking, was The Moon (!!!). This, along with so many other synchronicities through the night just reaffirmed our faith and trust in the Universe. We’re on the right path.

We each did the 6 card spread, and read about the cards to one another and interpreted their meanings. I won’t share them here as they are personal. But I will say that they resonated. They reflected what was going on in our lives so accurately and gave us the answers to what we need to do. Each other’s readings didn’t make sense for the other one so I really don’t believe that this is bologna like let’s say a generic horoscope in a newspaper.

burn baby, burn

burn baby, burn

Lastly we decided we needed to write down 3 things that we wanted to rid from our lives. The tarot readings helped illuminate what these needed to be.
I feel comfortable sharing that mine were: self-doubt, ego, and distractions. We then burned these slips of paper symbolizing the release of these things from our lives.

Ladies, get yourself a Corinna.

Ladies, get yourself a Corinna.

We capped off the night with ordering Indian food and watching Clueless (can you believe it was Corinna’s first time seeing it?!).

All in all is was a great experience doing what felt right. We are all just spiritual beings in human bodies, just checking out what this life thing on Earth is like for a little while.

Have you ever done a moon circle before? I’d be so interested in hearing about it! Let me know in the comments :)