Benefits of Beeswax Candles

One of my favourite items in the pregnancy care package is the 100% beeswax candle. You guys, this candle smells SO good. I’ve always loved beeswax candles, they seem like a more natural choice than their paraffin, or even soy, counterparts. And they just smell better, cleaner.


Including it in the care package was an easy decision. Candles are lovely, they help you relax after a long day, just the thing a pregnant mama would love to have accompany her during a luxurious bath with some bath salts that may also be in the care package…(go find out!)

I decided to do a bit more research about beeswax candles to share with you all!

What is beeswax?


Beeswax is an all-natural, non-toxic substance that is secreted by bees after they consume honey. The glands of worker bees convert the sugar contents of honey into wax which comes through their small pores as tiny flakes of wax on their bellies. The workers then chew these pieces of wax until they’re soft & pliable, and then they use the wax to build their honeycombs. Nature, eh?

After being filtered and cleaned (by humans) we can use beeswax to make candles!

There are some really great supposed benefits of beeswax candles. Now, throughout my research, I have yet to find scientific articles that confirm some of the claims that I’ve found online. I’ll share them with you any way, but take everything with a grain of salt, and as always, do your own research to find what feels right for you!

Why use beeswax candles?

Beeswax candles are said to produce negative ions when burned, that help to neutralize pollutants in the air, eliminating dust, odours, & mold which therefore eases allergy & asthma symptoms. Even though I can’t find specific studies on this, there are lots of first hand accounts of people saying that using beeswax candles really do help them. Even for myself, I find that I can breathe better if a beeswax candle is burning opposed to any other candle that produces toxic byproducts.

The subtle, mildly sweet honey scent that is expelled when burning a beeswax candle helps aid relaxation & isn’t overpowering like artificially scented candles. All you have to do is smell these bad boys and you’ll get it! The also have the purest light, most similar to sunlight.


If you’re buying a beeswax candle you always want to make sure it says 100% beeswax! Candle ingredients do not need to be disclosed, so if a candle just says pure beeswax, there is a huge possibility there’s other stuff in there too.
If you’re buying it from a smaller company like The Wicked Bee (where I get the care package candles from!), you’re more likely to have authentic pure beeswax, and nothing else! It’s true that beeswax candles are more expensive than other candles. But wouldn’t you rather be not only supporting small businesses, but breathing in non-toxic fumes as well? When you buy the cheap candles from Ikea, or even the dollar store, you’re getting something that may be more affordable, but damaging to your health too.

Beeswax also has the highest melting point of all waxes so their burn time is super long. Bonus!

They come from a renewable resource - beeswax, as opposed to a non-renewable resource - petroleum. If you’re thinking that soy candles are another good alternative, think again. I actually just learned this myself, but without preservatives, and additives like bleach, soy candles would spoil. I’d rather limit my exposure to that sort of stuff thank you very much.

I’m always trying (though sometimes it’s difficult) to incorporate more whole, green living into my daily routines; it makes sense to use things that have minimal ingredients and come right from nature. Beeswax falls directly into this category. I really believe they are one of nature’s gifts to us.

Do you use beeswax candles? Let me know in the comments!