Upcoming Marketplaces!

It’s a busy time of year for sure.
February just seems to be flying by, unlike January which lasted about 3 months.

I’ve been working (& working out) lots, as well as trying to make a lot of different things come together. So I needed to take the time today to update everyone with the upcoming marketplaces in which I will be vending!

Back in December I posted about the first one and how I have plans to sell the care packages in a bunch of different pop-up shops and markets. I’ve been searching around for more places with no luck yet, but sometimes opportunities just make themselves known and it’s up to you to pursue them.

Completely by chance I stumbled upon a brand new mommy market that is coming in April, and my vendor application was accepted! If you’re in the Vaughan area please stop by to check out the pregnancy care packages and hang out at what is sure to be a great event!

Update March 15th 2019: I have another market coming up too in September! Details below :)

Happy to announce the upcoming marketplaces you can find me at:

The Mama Market


All For Mommas Market


Mind, Body & Soul Wellness Event

Wellness Market - September.png

Super excited about all of these events and to connect with other entrepreneurs in the pregnancy/baby/wellness field!
For the most up to date happenings, beautiful pictures, and the best pregnancy/birth info, follow me on instagram @silverbirthdoula

And if you haven’t seen it yet I made a little video actually opening up the care packages so you can see all the glorious things inside!