My Doula Crush

I want to take a minute here to gush about my doula crush, perhaps you’ve heard of her? Lindsey Bliss is a super well-respected birth doula in New York, and co-director of Carriage House Birth.

I’ve followed her on Instagram for a few years now, since around the time her last daughter, Olympia, was born. (& I definitely almost peed my pants when she followed me back this past Christmas!).
Lindsey is so inspiring in so many ways, from raising her 7 kids (twins twice!), to struggling with psoriatic arthritis, and just being an overall boss lady.
Telling it like it is, she doesn’t put up a front on social media to make everything look like sunshine and rainbows all the time. I admire how real she is, often posting about #grittyparenting. And also posting about all the awesome bits too that come with loving her beautiful madhouse.

She’s probably an even bigger birth nerd than I am; hell, she even wrote a whole book about it!

The Doula’s Guide To Empowering Your Birth is simply incredible. I received it as a Christmas gift and it is so good to pick up here and there to just get whacked in the face with straightforward, beautiful knowledge. She sprinkles in so much of her realness to give it a really personal touch.


I love how she includes all of her birth stories in there. I definitely cried after reading them.

Filled with great tips such as Cervix Softness - My midwife explained to me that a cervix during pregnancy is firm like the tip of your nose. When labor begins, the cervix starts to soften and can be compared to a pair of pouty lips. That’s a ripe cervix. Great visual, huh!?.

I really appreciate it when people whom I look up to make me stop and second guess things that I’ve been doing/thinking. It’s important for us to check our egos and hear other opinions to see if we need to alter our course.
Sometimes it’s as simple as a word you say. Reading this book challenged me in such a simple way in talking about cesareans. It makes total sense, I agree with it 100%.
She writes “I will not refer to cesarean delivery as a C-section. I prefer C-birth or cesarean birth. Meat is sectioned by a butcher; you birth your baby. The way we say things has a profound impact on how we view them.”

I just checked back to a blog post I made in 2016 about cesareans, and I’m glad to see that I did refer to it as cesarean birth a lot, but I did still use the term c-section. Thank goodness I have these influences in my life who make me pause & reflect. This is where growth happens.

I definitely recommend this book to any pregnant person, birth nerd, or birth partner out there!

And while social media has it’s drawbacks, and there can be a lot of pressure associated with it, it IS a wonderful learning tool which connects all of us. Without it I’m not sure I would’ve ever come across Lindsey, nor would I be so inspired by her journey.
Lindsey if you ever read this, Thank You for all that you do!!