My number one goal as your doula is to respect all of your birth choices, never judge your decisions, and to provide you with the physical, emotional, & informational support that you need, and deserve, in this incredible journey you are going on!  

Our bodies are so capable & powerful, as birth is a normal process that we are meant to endure. Mothers should be able to labour and birth wherever and however she is most comfortable, and it is my mission to see to it that this happens.


Let’s meet up at your favourite coffee/tea shop and have a chat! I’ll get to know you, and you’ll get to know me. So let’s see if we jive, shall we?

Birth Doula Package

  • 1-3 Prenatal meetings where we create your birth wish list, go over comfort techniques, explain the birth process, and talk about anything birthy/baby related you wish to discuss

  • Support throughout your entire labour and delivery, starting when you call me to come join you, ending around 2 hours after the birth

  • 1-2 Postnatal meetings to offer breastfeeding support and make sure you're adjusting well to new life with baby

  • 24/7 Availability through call, email, and text starting two weeks before your estimated due date

  • Access to full lending library